Research Examples

Custom Research

  • UK policies and regulations after Brexit
  • Hydrogen energy trend in Europe
  • Eco car market in Europe
  • Recent trend of shale gas development in the world and Europe
  • Recent trend of European machinery industry
  • Standardization movement in various industries in Europe
  • Japanese and European companies’ businesses in Africa
  • Water infrastructure businesses in Iraqi
  • Pakistani volume zone market
  • European Companies’ strategy of entering the Indian market
  • Collaborative businesses between European and Japanese companies in emerging countries
  • Road safety policies UK government and local authorities
  • Turkish volume zone market research
  • Sub-Sahara African volume zone market research
  • European standardization policies of various industries
  • European machine and equipment market research
  • European market research of medical equipment
  • UK power market research
  • EU trade and investment policy monitoring
  • European eco-car market and OEM’s strategies
  • European environment market and regulations
  • EU energy efficiency labeling regulations
  • Current situation of EU Eco Design Directive
  • European countries’ measures against the financial crisis
  • Eco businesses in EU
  • Food market in UK
  • Environmental policies and markets in CE European and Balkan countries
  • Medical equipments markets in eight countries in Middle East
  • Business strategies of 8 leading European water business companies
  • Business strategies of 4 leading European Rail business companies
  • Base of Pyramids markets in the world
  • Volume zone markets in Asia
  • Management and operation of airports in UK, Germany and France
  • Japanese food market in UK
  • Major European companies’ strategy of Turkish market
  • European airplane manufacturing industries
  • Renewable energy businesses in Europe
  • Research on German retailers’ procurement and logistics from Asia
  • EU trends regarding Asia FTA
  • Measures against the financial crisis in European countries
  • EU climate change policy and European businesses related to climate change
  • Trends in environmental regulations and environmental strategies of private companies in the EU
  •  Regulations on the import of processed food to the EU
  • Technology policy trends in the EU
  •  IT trends in Europe
  • Environmental trends in Europe
  • Trends in renewable energy in Europe
  • Technology policy in the UK
  • Trends relating to electric vehicles in Europe
  • FTA trends in the EU
  • REACH trends in the EU
  • Economic-stimulus measures against the financial crisis in European countries
  • Climate change and energy policy in Europe
  • Research on UK-to-Japan investment promotion
  • R&D tax systems in the UK and Japan
  • Environmental and energy policy in Europe
  • European industry clusters
  • Trends in the European salt industry
  • BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) policy and BOP businesses
  • Administration and operation of airports in Paris and New York
  • Survey on research and development in Europe
  • Best practice in environmental businesses in Europe
  • European manufacturing industry mapping
  • IT investment of Japanese companies in Europe
  • Trends in the transportation system in Europe / trends in preventive care and telemedicine in Europe
  • Environmental industry / technology trends in Europe
  • Environmental organizations, consumer organizations and environmental-oriented municipalities in Europe (mainly Germany)
  • Policy for small and medium-sized companies in Germany (financial system, chamber of commerce and expert system )
  • Training system for researchers and engineers in science and engineering in Germany
  • ICT trends in Europe
  • Allocation system for emission trading (Germany)
  • Status of EuP (Ecodesign) Directive in Europe
  • Rare metals
  • Execution status of WEEE Directive and RoHS Directive
  • Packaging waste regulations in Germany
  • Industry trends in Europe
  • Report on EU systems and trade interpretation (monthly):
    EU Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) system, Overview of the Lisbon Treaty and its outlook for ratification, EU ACP Policy, recent moves regarding cartel sanctions in the EU
  • Map survey on the accumulation of companies and technologies in the UK ・ Best practice in international business collaboration at foreign industry accumulation areas (Scotland)
  • Economic and immigration policy in Ireland
  • The process and future impact of the EU bio-fuel regulation revision draft ・ EU’s Asia FTA/EIA strategy
  • EU diplomatic policy
  • Diffusion of EU standards and schemes to Asia
  • Public procurement reform for the promotion of innovation in the UK
  • EU economic and political trends (monthly)
  • EU regulations on trade and investment (monthly)
  • Market system (import) of medical equipment in the UK
  • Chemical industry in the EU and the execution status of REACH

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Published Industrial Reports

"Latest trends in the European Automobile Industry -
Electric Vehicles Emerge"


Seven topics relating to the current automobile industry

1. Environmental policies on vehicles / electric vehicles emerge

1.1 Environmental policies of the EU and EU member states

1.2 An overview of green vehicle technologies and the outlook for electric vehicles

1.3 The activities of major manufacturers relating to electric vehicles and other green vehicles

1.4 The present situation of, and outlook for, the European electric vehicle market

1.5 Case study 1: Government and industry support for the spread of electric vehicles

1.6 Case study 2: Venture companies aim for a big leap with electric vehicles

2. Statistics relating to the automobile industry

2.1 The scale of world vehicle production: vehicle production by country / manufacturer

2.2 The European vehicle market: vehicle sales by country

2.3 Vehicle sales in Europe by manufacturer

2.4 Trends in European vehicle sales by segment and model

2.5 Trends in European vehicle production

2.6 Trends in Russian vehicle sales

3. The latest trends concerning passenger vehicle manufacturers

3.1 The development and outlook of 11 non-Japanese manufacturers

3.2 The performance of Japanese manufacturers in Europe

3.3 The development and strategies of Japanese manufacturers in Europe

3.4 The activities of major parts suppliers in Europe (from September 2008 to August 2009)

"Everything you need to know about EU Environmental Regulations"

1. The fundamental policy on which EU environmental regulations are based

1.1 The Sixth Environment Action Programme and its objectives

1.2 The basic principles of EU environmental policy

1.3 Types of EU laws and the process of their adoption

2. Major regulations relating to product life cycle.

2.1 Integrated Products Policy (IPP); dealing with a product’s life cycle from design to disposal

2.2 Eco-design Directive; the introduction of detailed regulation of each product started in 2009

2.3 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive; revision draft caused controversy

2.4 RoHS Directive; restricting the use of six hazardous substances

2.5 End-of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive: level of compliance varies between countries

3. REACH, a Regulation on chemical substances

3.1 Why REACH? ; the key ideas behind the rules

3.2 Overview of the rules; essential points

3.3 What action companies should take: outline for practical implementation

3.4 The current situation of REACH; its noteworthy points

4. The latest trends in climate change and energy policies

4.1 Details of the policy package: the foundation of EU policy until 2020

4.2 The Renewable Energy Directive: 10 % minimum target for automotive biofuels

4.3 The EU emission trading scheme: next stage starts in 2013

4.4 Emission control of vehicles: the legal regulation of CO2 to be phased in from 2012

"Noteworthy trends in European Environmental Business"

1. The current situation of the European environmental sector and its promising areas

1.1 European renewable energy market at a temporary plateau

1.2 Promising areas

2. Case studies

2.1 Systaic: development of aesthetic solar cells, entry into the automotive solar cell field

2.2 Acciona Energia: general renewable energy firm

2.3 Sway: the development of next-generation offshore wind technology, floating wind turbines

3. 50 leading European environmental businesses

(1) Aleo Solar

(2) Centrotherm Photovoltaics

(3) ClimateWell

(4) Conergy

(5) Isofotón

(6) Nuon Helianthos

(7) Parans Solar Lighting

(8) PV Crystalox Solar

(9) Q-Cells

(10) Scheuten Solar

(11) Schott Solar

(12) Solaria

(13) Solland Solar

(14) Sunways

(15) Systaic

(16) Würth Solar

(17) ChapDrive


(19) Iskra Wind Turbine

(20) LM Glasfiber

(21) Multibrid

(22) Siemens (Energy Sector)

(23) StatoilHydro

(24) SWAY

(25) Vestas

(26) ACCIONA Energia

(27) BP Alternative Energy

(28) Dong Energy

(29) EDF Energies Nouvelles

(30) Good Energy

(31) Iberdrola Renovables

(32) Renewable Energy Holdings

(33) RWE Innogy

(34) City Solar

(35) Phoenix Solar

(36) PMSS(Project Management Support Services)

(37) Renewable Energy Systems

(38) Solar Millennium

(39) Abengoa Bioenergy

(40) CHOREN Industries

(41) Envac

(42) Inetec

(43) Kedco

(44) ACAL Energy

(45) Ceres Power

(46) Proton Motor Fuel Cell

(47) Carbon Capital Markets

(48) Climate Change Capital

(49) Marine Current Turbines

(50) Pelamis Wave Power

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